Start spreading the news. There’s a new musical valentine to New York City, and Broadway, and it comes wrapped in a bow of songs by 96-year-old composing legend John Kander and his late lyricist partner, Fred Ebb. Director-choreographer Susan Stroman consistently delights with her inventive group numbers (a tap routine on the girders of a skyscraper under construction!) and interstitial scenes that make city residents more than just background players. New York, New York, which opened Wednesday at the St. James Theatre, stars Colton Ryan in a sui generis performance as the rough-edged musician Robert De Niro played in the film and Anna Uzele, who brings a powerhouse voice and onstage charisma to match as an up-and-coming singer following in Liza Minnelli’s cinematic heels.

You can read my full review in the June/July issue of Musicals magazine, out May 26.