You almost have to feel sorry for Chukwudi Iwuji, the talented British actor who plays the title role in “Othello” in the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park production that opened Monday.

He delivers a confident performance in an exquisite revival of the Bard’s classic tragedy, infusing the tragic Moor with both the cockiness of a war hero and the lustiness of a man who has wooed a woman seemingly above his station but whose ardor is very much at the forefront of his thoughts.

Like so many Othellos before him, though, Iwuji is ultimately upstaged by a truly brilliant performance by Corey Stoll as the duplicitous Iago. Stealing a page from his former “House of Cards” co-star Kevin Spacey, Stoll delivers a portrait of evil at its most charming and, dare I say, appealing.

Stoll also brings an admirable plain-spokenness to his lines, which are delivered with a conversational brio that makes the audience even more complicit in his murderous schemes.

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