In “Seeing You,” the latest immersive theatrical experience from “Sleep No More” impresario Randy Weiner, audiences plunge themselves into Hoboken, New Jersey, on the eve of World War II — by way of a former meat market beneath Manhattan’s High Line.

We circle around various performance spaces in the darkened area, meeting a host of different characters: the uptight local congressman who hints at the development of an atomic bomb (Ted Hannan), the Japanese American schoolteacher whose dad is fighting for the Japanese (Eriko Jimbo), the closeted corporal (Nicholas Ranauro) who’s cheating on his wife with a young soldier, the African American private and budding photographer (Christopher Grant) who’s wooing a local white girl.

As in Weiner’s long-running “Macbeth”-inspired Off Off Broadway hit “Sleep No More,” the cast will occasionally interact with theatergoers, pulling them aside for tete-a-tetes or to reveal bits of plot we might have missed.

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