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‘The Glass Menagerie’: Exquisite Broadway revival

‘The Glass Menagerie’: Exquisite Broadway revival

The Glass Menagerie / Michael J. Lutch

The Glass Menagerie / Michael J. Lutch

Zachary Quinto and Cherry Jones star in director John Tiffany’s first-rate revival of Tennessee Williams’ memory play, a production that strikes the perfect balance between realism and stylized artifice. One quibble: As much as I admired Bob Crowley’s set design, with a fire escape rising like a unicorn horn in center stage, the pool of inky water which replicates a night sky doesn’t fully translate in the orchestra section. (I suspect it read more clearly when the production played last spring at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge (where there is no mezzanine and a very steep rake to the seating). There’s a neon half-moon that rises at some points, but I swore it was a shark the first few times it popped up — and some audience members probably couldn’t see it at all. Read my full review on


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